A collaborative, continuous shot, community film made in my hometown Castledermot. The cast was made up of a willing group of local’s ranging in age from 4 to 80 years old, including members of the Young At Heart group. The film explores how memories are formed and echoed in a space throughout a lifetime. The project was kindly supported by Kildare Arts Council. Local playwright John McKenna was inspired to write this poem after seeing the film:

They come like whispered hints,

shy silhouettes

while the weightless music plays,



along the empty street,

bright winter revellers,

their laughter in the tongues of low, sweet bells.

The graveyard empties of its joyous souls

and the figures in the midnight pews

are faces glimpsed in photographs,

soft, sepia.

In the iridescent light

we are the witnesses

to how they live again,

to how their loves are new again,

to how the summer opens all its gates again,

their joy a measure of the opportunity

for which we all might wish:

to untangle the knotted failures of a lifetime;

to be happy in the knowledge that, for once, we got it right.

We, living souls,

watch now, entranced as dancers dance.

Words shiver on the lips that once were still,

love speaks through eyes

and lives are lived


sweet lives that once were new.