72 TREES is a documentary film by Eduardo Cassina and myself about our journey around the world in order to win a piece of art. We took part in the Damien Hirst Spot Challenge where participants had to visit 11 Gagosian Galleries in 9 cities in order to win a dot print made by Hirst’s assistants and signed by him. We kept a Blog during our trip. Here’s the blurb about the film:

This is a story about a transaction. Two ‘underemployed hipsters’ take on a challenge set by ‘the richest living artist’: visit all eleven galleries around the world showing his spot paintings while the exhibition is on, and win a print made by his assistants and signed by him. The two figured out a way to do the trip for less than what they would eventually be able sell the print for, and turn a profit, or at least break even…if they manage to make it. 72 Trees explores the absurdity of markets, the people they meet on their journey and the aftermath.