In 2019 the Pyramid Mobile toured to Body & Soul, Solas at Latitude and Body & Soul at Electric Picnic. I wanted to create a dynamic mobile that would twirl in the breeze, constantly creating new patterns and shapes. I also wanted to make it as eco-friendly as possible so I used a combination of renewable and recycled materials. The pyramid frames are made from bamboo poles. Bamboo is one of the most renewable materials on the planet with some species even growing up to 1.2m a day and is a great carbon sequester.

I used plastic thread spools and gold insulation foam and foil from ReCreate in Dublin, a brilliant scrap store to source materials for creative and DIY projects. My family and friends helped me make copious amounts of pom poms from scrap fabrics. I was kindly given scraps by Fabrications on Broadway market and was happy to discover that Contrado give away free remnant lucky bags (you just have to pay for shipping). Lastly I was finally able to make use of all the colourful scraps of Ripstop I saved from my days working with Artastic street theatre!

I found that the pom poms were such a great way of making use of small fabric scraps and other materials like fruit and veg netting that would otherwise end up in landfill that myself and my crew member Siobhán Ní Hifearnáin formed the creative re-use project Pominí.